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RPA Platform

For BIP Consulting Group I’ve developed a Robotic Process Automation platform leveraging on open source software to deliver high quality and fully customizable workflow based automations.

The platform has been designed with license free model in mind, to dramatically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, especially when delivering many robots that run concurrently.

The platform is horizontally scalable, meaning that its component may be spread across multiple VMs or containers to increase performance.

The platform, being written in .NET Core is both flexible and cross platform. It is highly extensible thanks to Nuget package support and it runs on Docker and Kubernetes

The platform has been deployed in enterprise contexts such as Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italy, Anima SgR, Bolton Group, Invitalia and more.

Security by design approach has been adopted, the authentication to the platform can happen via Active Directory, LDAP, JWT or oAuth flows.

When performance are crucial, concurrency can be achieved with RabbitMQ broker to decouple workfloads.