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Luca Pisano,
Economist, IT Architect, Consultant, Software Developer.

Wetacoo Startup

Wetacoo adds to the list of startups I've helped in getting ready for their business. Wetacoo is a parcel pickup and storage service aimed at helping customers in easily and securely storing their objects, for example while moving home. As a CTO, I'm in charge of...

Microservices performance comparison

In informatica parlando dei microservizi si pensa spesso a Docker & Kubernetes. In contesti dove contano le performance e il budget è limitato diventa fondamentale approfondire i framework sui quali vengono scritti i servizi stessi. Nel link, un interessante articolo...


Scopri il servizio di prenotazione online La webapp consente di prenotare beni e servizi presso i nostri partner comodamente da casa e in tutta sicurezza. Hai un'attività? Scopri di più sul nostro sito dedicato alle imprese o prova direttamente il prodotto Il servizio...

RPA – Coded VS code-less tools

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and it's an innovative application of IT automation technologies that have been used since '90s. The modern meaning of the term is especially focused in Graphical User Interface automation with the mission of cost and time...

Interview about Blockchain

I've been interviewed on May 22th 2017 at Luiss Language Cafè about Blockchain and it's applications in sectors other than crypto currencies. The topics covered in this interview are: What's BlockChain and a practical example of a chain of blocks Application to smart...

Interview about how to run an innovative startup

I've been interviewed on Wednesday, April 12 2017 at Luiss Loft about How to setup and run an innovative startup with an app based business model. People were highly interested in knowing what steps should be followed to setup a new business idea and make it available...

RPA system platform

The evolution of traditional RPA tools to meet enterprise requirements

Scalable, flexible, durable and enterprise tailored platform

cum laude - master score

IT certificates

Robotic Process Automation use cases developed

Mobile apps published

I’m a professional Cloud Architect with deep experience in backend and line of business application development using .NET
I’ve worked for big enterprises in the Telco and Banking industry since 2017 as Project Manager and Application Architect.
Main clients I’ve served during my consulting experience are Tim, Vodafone, Anima SGR, Invitalia and DoValue.

In the meantime I’ve consulted and developed several startups, being CTO for Quezzak, WeTacoo, Visual1993 and others.

My technical future path consists in enhancing knowledge in OpenShift and RHEL while refining my project management skills.

Off topic, I’ve an innate passion in skiing

Jan 2021 – Today
  • Application Architect
    • Cloud App Modernization
Jun 2017 – Dec 2020
  • Cloud Solution Architect
    • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate
    • Technical team leader
  • RPA specialist
    • C#, SQL, MongoDB, Unit Testing, UiPath
    • Development team leader & coordinator
  • IT Project Manager
    • Technical and functional team coordination
    • Response to RFP concerning automation perimeter
    • Client facing role
Jan 2014 – Today
  • Technology & Innovation Director
    • Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure)
    • Technical & economic project evaluation
March 2017 – May 2017
Jan 2008 – Dec 2014

Mobile apps using C++, QT, C#, Xamarin

LAN networks architecture planning
Mobile website development using HTML, jQuery, WordPress

Academic experience
Sep 2015 – July 2017
Score 110 cum laude

Focus in Digital Management, transforming business and Public Administration
Thesis in Digital Transformation in Public Administration trough IT system integration

Selected projects & activities