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Quezzak company operates in the events industry which was born as an innovative startup some years ago.

Together with Luca Di Rocco, Filippo Re and Matteo Gitto we made it became a recognized operator in event ticketing, with focus on nightclubs.

Quezzak mainly operates in Rome, Italy serving most famous Rome nightclubs such as Piper Club, Spazio900, Room26, Neon and others.

I used to be a developer in Quezzak and now I cover the Tech & Digital advisor role.

The Quezzak platform is composed by the following application components:

  • A web application written in .NET Core 3.1
  • Many mobile apps written in Xamarin running on iOS and Android
  • A backend written in .NET Core 3.1 exposing REST APIs
  • A MongoDB database
  • A Stripe integrated payment system

The architecture smoothly runs on AWS leveraging on IaaS and PaaS services.